Monday, January 12, 2009

Portrait Link-Up

Mrs. Staff Sergeant has come up with a portrait link dare! So go to her blog and get in on the fun! Also, she has a great new look on her blog. (And, of course, the above is me. I took that and a bunch more for Keith on the first of the month.)


Rebecca said...

Hi! Nice to put a face with the blog.

jlc said...

Nice pic!! :)

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Yay! You played!

Has anyone ever told you you have amazing eyebrows? That probably sounds like a weird complement, but I am strangely eyebrow obsessed. I've always wished for a pair that looked like yours, haha.

Sadly, mine suck :P

lala said...

mrs. staff sergeant is right, you do have really nice eyebrows. i have to draw mine on every morning (sucky!).

i think tomorrow will be a self portrait picture post! i love looking at pictures of my favorite bloggers!

New Girl on Post said...

You have such expressive eyes. Exactly what I would picture from a great writer like you. :)

T said...

Hooray! There you are!

Hope you're hanging in there.