Friday, January 16, 2009


Today I have been immersed in domestic projects, both real and imaginary. As I write, both hamburger and sausage meat are browning on the stove top, to go into the crock pot for chili.

(Note to self: failure in cooking very possibily due to combing it with writing. Consider attempting separately. Convene in a week to review findings. Bring donuts.)

Yes, I dusted off the ol' crock pot and decided to give it a go. Why not? I have lots of time on my hands and it seems embarrassing that my Sims know how to cook better than I do. And yes, therein lies the imaginary half of my domestic pursuits.

I have set up my computer in the kitchen, at the dining table. This was my next and final phase to manage winter depression; the return to my Sim families of yore. I have put this off to the bitter end because I knew, I knew, once I set it up it would swallow me whole, eat entire days at a time and I was both afraid of this and counting on it.

But this morning I knew the time had come, so I started my computer up. I haven't used it since I lived in my apartment in the city, early last summer. As soon as I did, I remembered my music files and some unexpected rap music I had enjoyed, courtesy of my younger brother. Also, old files wherein I talk to my best friend about this really unsuitable crush I was developing on a military man, a tank commander no less, and how adorable he is.

I don't recommend cooking chili; it fills the entire house with a delicious smell, but is not ready for hours, resulting, in my case, in a continued snacking. My chili turned out too watery and I put in too many pepper flakes but it was quite edible, so I think I will keep on experimenting.

Meanwhile, my Sims can cook entire roasts of turkey and stuffed trout.


Kristen said...

I need a crockpot. I'm going to have to buy one soon! Now you've made me hungry!

Butterfly Wife said...

Chili sounds yummy!

I will let you know that I've had a bad experience with cooking and typing at the same time. It involved a sweet potato, a sharp knife, a trip to the ER, and follow-up visits to a plastic surgeon. And the husband was deployed, of course.

jlc said...

Aww. Keep on experimenting!! You're doing much better than I would!

lala said...

i have the easiest recipe for chili in the world. i got it from one of my friends whose been married a bit longer than me (by about 3 years) :) :).

brown 1lb of ground beef, drain.
add to beef 1 tbsp chilli powder, 1 tsp onion powder (or an onion, but i don't like chunks of onion) 1 large can of tomato sauce, 28 oz crushed tomatoes (or chopped tomatoes), 2 cans of bushes chili beans. heat till it bubbles. add cyan pepper to taste, top with cheddar and sour cream. serve with corn bread (jiffy, ready in 20 minutes!)

easy as pie. (i've never actually made pie, so i'm not sure if that statement is true)

also, i'm not sure if this is really considered to be "homemade" chili since almost everything is from a can and all you do is mix it and heat it. :) :) but it tastes yummy.

Libby said...

Yes...try the cornbread recipe :) It came out really soft and tasty cause of the buttermilk :) If it helps any, I've been through A LOT of chili recipes since I've been married in my attempt to find that perfect one. I have stumbled upon 2 that I really of which came from one of my friends here :) Let me know if you would like the recipe for either of them :) What a combo...chili and cornbread...yummmmmm :)

Rebecca said...

Yum! Chili sounds great on a day like this!