Wednesday, January 7, 2009

-Night Flying-

A simple thought; a single kiss
upon this playful breeze now carried
through the listening dark, shadowed thick,
and the fitful fall and leap of errant bug,
past sleeping fields unruly,
past patient plots of well trimmed grass,
over rippled water's silver sheen, over
deep blue lakes left slumbering
and whirled in graceful eddies round
street lamps, lighted windows and restful streets.
Caught up suddenly in stronger currents,
the little kiss is sucked out to sea and
made puppet of the rougher weather.
Over endless glittering peaks and
jade green hollows, those endless
uncharted fathoms it follows,
ever closer until rising up out of the water
the distant and foreign coast is reached.
Faster now, the desert winds cold and
bitter escort this kiss past rutted
roads and rubble, mortar marks
and empty, blasted trucks. Until
finally to your door arrived,
floating light and gossamer,
well blessed by night's sweet breath
carried close all those distances
from home and in innocent relief
at the last to alight upon
your dear and dusty face.

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Abbie said...

Hey Indiana! I responded to your survey! Thanks for tagging me!