Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog Fart Fridays

Blog fart Fridays is being re-established by feisty, incredibly awesome Jaci over at Ravings of a Mad Housewife. She has been through a lot and still chooses to laugh. And forgive. And all sorts of stuff that takes incredible courage and faith.

But this will be a short post because I actually have no blogging ideas at all, I just wanted to support a bloggy friend.

1. I just came back from taking Abby to the vet. Holy. Crap. Ok, so let me start at the beginning. The Good Neighbor Larry called me last night and told me that a friend of theirs had noticed that Abby was carrying her ears as though she had an ear infection. This friend was a vet.

I wasn't quite sure how even a vet could diagnose an ear infection from the next yard over. I checked out Abby's ears and they seemed normal to me, but hey, better safe than sorry. Especially since Keith and Abby have this bond; they've been through a lot of painful things together and Keith loves her like a child.

He couldn't remember the name of the vet that had taken care of her before and when I called the vet on post at nine thirty in the morning on a Friday I got an answering machine. I decided not to wait around to hear back from them and made an appointment with a vet I had used before.

Abby behaved well in the car and when we showed up we were the only animals there. So far, so good. Then dog number one comes along. Abby freaks out. Like, lunging, barking, whining. Finally they sniff and she sort of calms down. Then dog number two comes in. Freak out again this time, only this time she never really settles down and then dog number three comes in, another lab.

Dear God. It is a good thing I've been working out, otherwise I might not have been able to hold her. She was barking those deep throated, ear splitting barks and I was just so embarrassed by this time that I just wanted to sink into the ground. Everyone else's dogs were behaving. I think, "This is what it's like to be a mom when one's child freaks out in the store. Stay calm."

My ears are ringing from the barks, everyone is giving me dirty looks, no one can hear the receptionist, my arms are straining, my foot is scratched.

"I'm taking her outside," I literally shout, standing up.

"Never mind, I've got a room open," shouts back the irritated receptionist.

I file away for later if one has an obnoxious dog that a room does miraculously open up in five minutes, whereas if one has a quiet, well behaved cat one sits in the waiting room for a half an hour, even though there is no one else there.

However, in the spirit of not looking the gift horse in the mouth and before Abby and I could get stoned by the angry mob, we scuttle into the room. I scuttled, I should say. Abby lunged here and there and then back again and forward and right and back and finally into the room, where I collasped into a chair and let the adrenaline slowly ease out of my body.

And of course, she doesn't have an ear infection. Awesome.

She did need her shots though, so it wasn't a complete loss. Next time, she's waiting in the car until it's her turn and then I will come get her and we're getting a harness. Lynn needed one when she was younger too.

2. I found the homecoming dress and shoes, both on sale. The dress is Ann Taylor. I adore Ann Taylor.


3. Keith and I were talking on the phone this morning.

"Do you have some chew in?" I asked him, out of the blue.

"Yes..." he says, in this voice that says, you are weird, but I love you. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I can hear it in your voice. It sounds like you're about to spit."

"I did just spit."

Ha. I can discern the rituals of my hubby's tobacco chewing habit by sound alone. Now that is love.


d.a.r. said...

Cute dress!! I am a big fan of Ann Taylor!

T said...

Wow. And yes, that is how a parent feels when their child misbehaves.

Cute dress. You're so pretty!!

He's home soon, huh? How awesome is that?!

Abbie said...

That dress is adorable and perfect for a homecoming outfit!! YAY!!!!

Jessie said...

I LOVE that dress!!!

Brittany said...

Yay SO happy to see your homecoming dress... and yes that is exactly what it is like to have a screaming child in a store, unfortunately there is no waiting room for us unlucky people!!

Your getting so close!!!

Post Tenebras Lux said...

=). And cute dress!

Somebody's Princess said...

cute dress! I just got mine, too :)

Shirley said...

You look sooo pretty.!! That Ann Taylor dress is super gorgeous.

lala said...

you look lovely :]

my dog also misbehaves around other animals, but at least she's only 35 lbs, otherwise i don't think i could handle her. as it it, i just pick her up and hold her mouth shut :]