Monday, June 15, 2009

Boring Blog

Apparently I make my husband nervous when I don't blog. That and him coming across comments from my mom on facebook asking me if I'm ok because I haven't written in a while. I got a worried phone call around 4:30am from Keith asking me if I was ok and chiding me for worrying my mom and telling me that I should blog more. Thanks, mom! :)

I have been writing; I've had the opportunity lately to process through a huge chunk of my life and doing so has been a deeply good experience, though painful at times. But I can't post any of it, which leaves me with the following basically boring blog entry.

1. I read my first Horacio Hornblower novel and damn if it isn't good reading. I mean, I'd always heard they were, but they really are. Except for the fact that he had an affair with a Russian noblewoman and didn't even blink an eye. I was expecting more in the way of character from a fellow named Horacio.

2. Recently I realized that it was possible to buy one onion at a time, as opposed to the mesh bag o' onions I had always felt drawn to in the past, leading to mass onion waste; because really, how many onions does a person use in a few weeks?

3. I like run on sentences with lots of punctuation that I'm not really sure how to correctly use, but throw in there anyway.

4. I may never see my abs and that's ok. Why? Because faced with a choice of rippling abs or a bag of potato chips, I'm going to choose the potato chips every single time.

5. Today I stepped on a moth and felt its dry, brittle body disintegrate under my bare heel. I have now faced my worst fear and lived to tell about it.

6. I listen to hip hop. That's right. I said it.

7. It is possible for a lamp shade to gather dirt to such a depth that one simply assumes the resulting cream color is its natural hue, only to be shocked into discovering that it was actually meant to be white when experimenting with the various vacuum attachments.

8. I've been carrying around in the back seat of my car Keith's big, dirty foot locker of stuff he didn't need over there anymore. I like looking in the rearview mirror and seeing his scrawling handwriting across the shipping label. What I like better though, was him telling me I should probably move it before coming to pick him up, since he'll need to toss his bags there.

Hello, beautiful world.


T said...

I love this post. How fun! It is fun to read about you and things I would have never assumed.

Hip hop? Wow. Coolness girl!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Lol, yeah my hubby does the same when I haven't blogged in a bt, like this past week:p It is kind of sweet though:p

KJ said...

I enjoyed this "boring" post :)

And sometime last week, a moth was flying around my house and I thought of you.... I felt slightly unnerved and realized that your fear of them is not all that strange after all!

jlc said...

it's been two days... you better blog again!!!


liberal army wife said...

Hip hop... oh dear... until that we were terribly close! I have to confess, I had Chief's slippers under the chair in the bedroom until last week, when the parents came to visit. I have been known to leave his stuff lying around because somehow I'm kidding myself that he's just out for a while. Of course we are in the 6th month of this deployment.... so the "while" is lasting a LONG while.

Got here through our mutual friend Tucker. Nice to "meet" you.