Friday, February 20, 2009

The Indiana Household

Yesterday I sent off some impromptu pictures of the house to Keith, since he was missing home and I thought I would share some of them on my blog. I didn't pick up a lot of things around the house, but oh well. It's fairly presentable.
This is the downstairs and I usually run of out of cleaning energy by the time I get down here. Also, Abbie the Black Lab loves to sit on the white couch, with unfortunate results.

Below is Keith's bar. The Hooters Girls and I have had a long time to come to terms with one another. I know sooner or later they will end up in the garage, but for the meantime, we coexist; I've even grown kind of fond of them. This is the view coming up the stairs into the main living area.
The TV is Keith's baby, of course. The plant is mine. It's a ginger root.
Keith let me put together the John Deere puzzle that he has kept for years only if I promised then to display it on the wall. Hence the tractor on the wall.
Two guesses as to what I was doing that day.

How many brown or black shoes can one person own? Apparently there is no limit, because I bought yet another pair today. (These are the ones I wear most often; others are lurking in the closet above.)

The gas fireplace currently Valentine's Day themed.

This is the kitchen, obviously.

More kitchen, and box of granola. I've been trying to eat a breakfast of granola, yogurt and berries every morning. Also, I love that picture of Keith and I kissing. I didn't mean to order it quite that large, but it worked out well.

The dining table, and Abigail. She always wants to be in pictures for Daddy.

This is the top of the dresser in the spare bedroom. I love that print.

Below is my bedside table. I want to get new lamps, but Keith is very fond of those.

And now I should head up there and curl up in bed with "Rebecca." I am reading it for the zillionth time. It does hold up well though.


Anita the Immigrant Mom said...

I sent my husband lots of pictures while he was gone. He always told me it helped him.
Hope it will for yours too!

Kristen said...

Do you talk to the Hooters girls? I feel like I would have conversations with them if they were in the same room as me. Then again, I do talk to my plant.

T said...

I'm sure he loved these! Thank you for sharing your lives with us. The house looks very homey! It probably makes him miss you more...