Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fun Questions! (And one of my own)

1. What's your must-have Thanksgiving food item?

My mom makes this squash apple bake with cinnamon and brown sugar that I love and have tried on occasion to make. It was ok, but just not the same.

2. What do you love about the most about fall/winter?

Oh my, where to start? I love the color of the leaves changing, the leaves on the ground after a rain, the bare branches, the mystery of everything after the snow fell. I love to wear gorgeous, tailored coats and textured scarfs, I love to wear tweed and wool and things that are lined, and leather and suede.

3. Do you decorate for the holidays? If so where do you get the majority of your decorations?

I do, and from WalMart, mostly. I'm never satisfied with the way things turn out, mostly because I grew up in a household where my mother and father were both creative and everything looked as though it was always meant to be there.

4. Do you have an decorations that are extra special to you?

There was this little tiny house studded with sequins, blue for the walls and white for the room, with a little door and windows and a chimney. I felt certain there must be a real family living inside.

5. Any alternative Thanksgiving plans besides dinner?

I will be working Thanksgiving day, as I have done since moving out here. Think the end scene of "Driving Miss Daisy" and you've got the general idea.

I must go and try and get some sleep. It's been really hard falling asleep lately and I'm still two days away from a day off. Today at work, the next bunch scheduling came out, and...oops. Anyway, that was exciting because it's coming up so soon until I see Keith.

Now that I know we shouldn't be putting even leave dates here, it makes me wonder what else I don't even know that I don't know, so to speak. Maybe I should go to an FRG meeting... But Keith was very much against it, surprisingly and so I haven't tried. But I did find myself searching out some form of community and blogging has fit perfectly. Other than the FRG, does anyone know of any other good resources for pertinent info?


T said...

I remember Soldier telling me about some sort of Army Reintegration guide that is helpful for the reintegration process after deployment. He said it was written by General B.B. Bell. I couldn't find it online but you may have access to resources that I didn't as a "girlfriend". I can't believe that Keith wouldn't think you should go to an FRG meeting. It wouldn't hurt to go to one, at least. Just to grab a booklet or something, right? You do need to know somethings that you don't know now. I only found out by reading other milspouse blogs..

I like this meme. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. This time of year is SO nice...

A Soldier's Wife..... said...
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A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Im curious as to why your husband is so against your attending an FRG meeting to obtain information? Would you mind telling me? I'd be happy to help guide you as to where you can obtain what you need. Feel free to email me.