Saturday, October 11, 2008


At first, I simply had this poem alone holding the burden of being "my first post," that most weighty of assignments. I've since added this to help with some perspective. Especially since unsuspecting fellow bloggers might quite reasonably assume that the "welcome" was extended to them, and then be thoroughly confused upon reading further into the poem!

It might also be helpful to know that the first half dozen of my blogs were cut and pasted from notes I'd written previously on facebook, before creating this blog, therefor the dates on them are wrong.

This is the first poem I wrote about my husband and one of my favorite ones. (I will say nothing of its merit, being completely resigned to the fact of my being only an amateur poet.)

Stranger to my expectations, but enter;
hospitable ever, my heart will suffer
no gesture left undone. Long following
such a generous philosophy, I find I
can learn no other; cautious to love-
never a self descriptor.
But you sir, how on earth did you get
here? Your manner of man I have
not met before. Foreign princes,
diplomats and young fanatics,
fatherly counselors and Machiavellian
scholars all were guests at my
table, good teachers all and gentlemen;
of them, a few. They left me no
poorer, that I can swear to.
But a soldier, molded into obedient
regulation and a leader, made weary
by constant, unavoidable reality; all
that you are is novel to my hopes.
Your temper suits, however, and your
character is tailored made to my measure.
Soon, I'll speak your language as though
I were native. One request-if you find me
beyond your grasp, then learn to
love me in ignorance; my speech
no man's ever made master of.

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