Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheering Up

There's nothing like fitting into a teeny tiny, brown print bikini to get a girl's spirits up and boy do I fit into it! I went and tried some retail therapy yesterday, since it had been so, so long since I'd been shopping.

It didn't really work as well as I'd thought it would, but I did find the perfect summer dress at Target. It's very classic Greek style and light and floaty. Shopping at Target is always so hit or miss, some of their things I can't even recognize as clothing. Is it a shirt? A dress? A tunic? A shawl? Maybe all of the above. I have no idea.

The bikini was for Keith; I figured the next time he calls, if he's down, telling him that I purchased one would be guaranteed to please. Then he could spend all his free time day dreaming about going boating.

I know from prior experience that the sizes have no meaning on bikinis, so I simply gathered up every single size in both styles that I liked and headed to the fitting rooms for some serious pain in the ass. I was disappointed to realize that the size small top fit best. So that's where all the weight I lost came from. I don't have a figure up top anymore; I have only evidence that once, long ago, I might have.

I brought my Toby over to his new home yesterday, that was also contributing to it's being a very bad day in general. Even though his new home is spacious and full of everything a cat would desire; open windows, lots and lots of rooms to hide in and countless warm and appreciative laps to curl up on. It even has a garden with a fence tall enough that he can play in the garden and not get out. It's like kitty paradise.

But I still feel like a bad cat mom and was near tears many times yesterday. This morning I went downstairs and expected Toby to be there and getting in the way and wanting to eat some of my oatmeal, and it was just an empty room. I get home and struggle to close the door as quickly as possible so Toby doesn't sneak out, but there is no little grey cat under foot.

I also feel one step closer to the reality of moving. We have been pared down to the nuclear center; those remaining must all move on. In the meantime, I can visit my little guy every time I go to work and in six months, the transition will be complete. He's already every body's darling there.


jlc said...

Haha! I'm alwaysssss a size small up top!!

So glad you got some retail therapy in though!! Keith's gonna go nuts once he sees you in that bikini!

Ow ow!!

Abbie said...

I feel you on the small tops! Flat chested women of the world unite!!!!

You are not a bad "mom!" When you adopted Toby you made a promise to give him a safe and loving home and that is exactly what you are doing:)

Chin up...I'm sure he's loving his kitty paradise!